Plan Your 2024

Happy New Year everyone! We have officially made it to January 2024 and we are so happy you are here with us in the new year. We are sharing with you some of the fun planners we have here in the store that can help 2024 be the best and most organized year yet! A planner that fits your needs is a great way to track your goals, stay organized, and be the most productive you! So with out further ado- here are some of our favorites.
Pen & Pillar Laurel Weekly Planner (Undated)
This planner is a great option for planning week to week. You can utilize all pages even if it slips your mind here and there to plan out your week. There are 52 weekly spreads, habit trackers, goal-setting templates, and more! Bonus- it’s cute to look at!
● 7 IN. X 9 IN.
● 193 Pages
● 52 Week Speads
● 12 Month Spreads
● Habit Trackers
●Morning & Evening Routines
● Memory Keeping
● Goals
● Monthly Overview
● Notes
With the new year a lot of us like to implement new habits, and this Habit Tracker Notepad is a perfect way to visually track your efforts! 


  • Blank weekly dates
  • Space for 10 tracked habits
  • Space for what went well
  • Space for what needs improvement
Elyse Breanne Designs Daily Planner
(Black Floral - 50pgs)
If you are looking for a quick view of the day ahead- this could be a great tool! Helps you track and prioritize your day in under five minutes!
● Top priorities
● Tasks
● Appointments
● For Tomorrow
● Hydration
● 5.5x8.5in Notepad



No matter how you like to plan your days, weeks, and months- we hope you schedule some time to stop by the store and say hi and see if we have the planner for you and your goals for 2024! Thank you for all the amazing support!
XOXO- Lulu Bella Babes

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