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Even as February, the month of love, comes to and end...sharing the love shouldn’t. Lulu Bella Boutique has gifts and self care items that can help you stay in the love mood all year long. Something that never changes and never goes away is the essential need for hydration and the desire for some self-care via your health. MixHers is a great way to show yourself and others you care.
In the spirit of love...herpleasure from
MixHers is an awesome supplement for
libido support. If you feel that your sense of passion has been a little low lately...maybe your body needs a little help getting back in balance! Herpleasure can help enhance desire, heightens sensitivity, and calms the mind- perfect for a love filled life. 


But the love doesn’t stop with physical intimacy...it can also just be taking care of your body. There is a seemingly endless amount of options to choose from to make you and the women in your life feel just a little more loved everyday.


No matter how you share the love, remember that it doesn’t end when February does! Come see us in stores to grab some of these amazing supplements! We hope we can help you find the perfect gifts for the rest of the year, and that we will see you soon! 
XOXO-Lulu Bella Babes

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