Tender (Fruity) Blendable Perfume Rollerball

Tender (Fruity) Blendable Perfume Rollerball

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Luscious sugar-dusted black raspberries burst with citrus from Sicilian lemon and orange zest. Bright, verdant accords of green tea, moss, silver sage, French lavender, and geranium leaf add vitality and a clean crispness. A kiss of warm ambergris completes the blend for a scent that beautifully captures honesty and innocence. 5 mL Rollerball Perfume Soft, subtle, long-lasting fragrance Sensual can be worn alone or mixed with other Mixologie fragrances to create a custom blend. What customers say: ~ “fresh and fruity” ~ “not too strong, very light and bright.” ~ “takes me back to my college days” ~ “I smell a lot of different scents in this fragrance. I love that I get hints of different notes throughout the day.” ~ “a must have in my bag!” Ingredients: Dipropylene Glycol, Fragrance Oils Ships within 24 hours M-F 5 mL Rollerball Alcohol-Free Paraben-Free Phthalate-Free Cruelty-Free Perfect for Mother's Day and Easter!

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