Peta Jane Bronzing Mitt

Peta Jane Bronzing Mitt

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Say goodbye to streaks and hello to flawless, professional-grade tanning! Peta Jane Beauty’s luxurious mitt isn't just soft and silky; it's your ticket to a bronzed goddess glow like your favorite dancing stars!

Made with a waterproof inner lining to shield your palms from any tanning mishaps, you'll tan like a pro in no time. But here's our magic touch: our mitt features a one-of-a-kind deep thumb design that grants you unparalleled control during application, ensuring every inch of your skin gets that Hollywood even radiance. Say hello to tanning perfection – the Peta Jane way!


Luxurious soft velvet mitt for streak free results
Unique deep thumb design for optimal control during application
Waterproof interior prevents stained palms
Double sided mitt for easy application
Mitt is machine safe, easy to keep clean and reuse

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