St. Moriz Velvet Self Tan Applicator Mitt
St. Moriz Self Tan

St. Moriz Velvet Self Tan Applicator Mitt

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St. Moriz Self Tan Velvet Applicator Mitt ensures a golden tan with a streak free professional flawless finish. This is the handiest tool ever to ensure that there’s no risk of 'stained hand syndrome', the amateur self-tanner’s dead giveaway. Just pop on this snug velvety soft mitt and tan away. Couldn't be easier to keep your flawless natural glow going year-round! Our new Lips Design Velvet Mitt offers a super-soft, luxurious velvet material using a specially created leak proof barrier seal. This Velvet Tanning Mitt will effortlessly and evenly distribute all tanning products onto the skin for streak-free results.

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