Tough Apparel - Evergreen
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Tough Apparel - Evergreen

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You've been looking for a Sage Green tie for weeks now but nothing has been quite the right shade that you're searching for. They're either too dark or too light, or not quite the right hue. Well look no further! The Evergreen from Tough Apparel is exactly what you've been looking for. This shade of Sage Green was in the list of top wedding colors for 2020 by, one of the top authorities on all things wedding related. But this specific Sage Green Tie takes things even further with it's ultimate wedding-proof construction. What does that mean? It means instead of being dry-clean only it's 100% Machine washable. So go ahead, smash that cake in his face without worrying about ruining his tie. His suit on the other hand....mEvergreen - Sage Green Tie - Tough Apparel

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