Tough Apparel - Suave
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Tough Apparel - Suave

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Who do you think of when you think of Suave? Surely someone cool, collected, and smooth. Maybe they even play jazz. That's how you'll feel when you put this Mauve Tie on; you might as well become the smoothest man alive, Isaiah Amir Mustafa. You know, The Man Your Man Could Smell Like from the Old Spice commercials. You might as well be jamming on the saxophone, tapping your foot along to that sweet, warm jazz. Look at your Mauve tie, now back at your phone, now back at your tie, now back at your phone. Sadly, it isn't a Tough Tie. But it can be. This Suave Tie includes an Iron-Lock Stitch so that even your most penetrating rift won't unravel the weaves of your sweet jazzy tie. It's also built to be Liquid and Stain Repellent so you can wipe away all the tears of the women you don't have time to be with. Let your dreams become reality, you smooth criminal. Anything is possible with a Tough Tie. I'm on a horse. Suave - Mauve Tie - Tough Apparel "

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