Hop on into Lulu Bella’s for Easter

Easter is this Sunday, and we are so excited to celebrate with you. As it is a holiday celebrated differently all around the world and within each family- what better way than to bring you along for our Easter here at Lulu Bella Boutique? The girlies that work here have been “hopping” around like busy bunnies getting the store ready for you for some fun Easter shopping! We want to help you get all the beautiful Easter outfits and candies for your own celebrations, so be sure to come and see us! But before you get to shopping for those awesome sales, let’s talk Easter.
With any holiday, come traditions, and the owner of Lulu Bella Boutique has quite a few of her own and I am sure you participate in one or two of them yourselves. Easter baskets are full of plastic, lime green grass, toys, eggs,and candy. Discovering some of the long-lost eggs from last year in the hunt for this year's loot. If you are lucky- they are just petrified marshmallow eggs and if you were unlucky you found the stinkiest egg in the yard. Everyone’s dressed up in their Easter best, bright dresses, shorts and bowties, and mothers everywhere are holding their breath as their kids splash their eggs that would eventually be devilled, carelessly into the various colored dyes. After a full day of decorating eggs, Easter egg hunts, and spending the day with your family- it’s time for the feast. Warm, fresh homemade rolls, honey ham, scalloped potatoes, and various jello salads are carefully balanced on dinner plates and less delicately put into our stomachs. And don’t you forget devilled eggs- the main event of Easter as all the eggs you decorated are laid out on platters and sprinkled with paprika. There will be far too many to eat in one night and will definitely haunt your fridge for the next week.
Everyone’s Easter looks a little different. Whether you are out collecting pastel-colored gifts across our local parks and setting the children loose to inflict their free will upon the eggs and their siblings ( We encourage you to find an event near you for your family to enjoy! Check them out at “Easter Egg Hunts 2023.” ) or you are staying as warm inside this year- we hope you have a wonderful Easter celebration.
Lulu Bella Boutique is having our Easter sales this Thursday (April 6) until Saturday (April 8). All Easter dresses, candy, and Easter-related items will be 20% off. We hope to see you in the store and can’t wait to hear about all your Easter weekend adventures!
XOXO- Lulu

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