January Fashion Favorites

It’s January. The roads are icy, you’re making cups of coffee to keep your hands warm, and it’s hard to find motivation to go out into the world...but that won’t stop you from being fashionably late whenever you get up the courage to face the weather...with sweaters. It’s the new year and perhaps it’s time for a new outfit. So without further ado, let’s look at some of our favorite looks.
Casual & Cute
For our casual look, we have really cute L.T.L. jeans, a cozy floral sweater, and some fun socks. We want to look stylish, have a little, fun, and still be warm while we go out. These are just a few of our favorites of a wide variety of options you can find here in-store and online!


 Dress Up

We want to keep it simple and light with Current Air’s Purple Paisley dress. This dress pairs great with some warm leggings and a cute overcoat. Great for a cute girl’s night or a sweet date.

If these options aren’t for you- fear not...there are endless options here at the shop! These were
just our personal favorites. Whatever your style, we hope you stay safe and warm out there in the
cold southern Idaho weather. We hope to see you soon!
XOXO- Lulu Bella Babes



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