Natural Beauty

The importance of a good skincare routine is more than skin deep. If you have ever been on the internet, you have probably heard beauty gurus, influencers, or even your friends talk about their skincare rituals. Is it all for show or is having a consistent and sustainable skincare routine actually important? Well, we are glad you asked because we will give you three good reasons to start your  skincare routine today and introduce you to products that can help you on your way!
Why is skin care necessary?
1. Health & Prevention. For starters, your skin is the largest organ of the human body. Just like the rest of your body, it requires maintenance and some love for the healthiest you! Your skin is the barrier between you and the outside world and when it is dry, cracked, or irritated it can be more prone to infection. Making sure your skin is moisturized, healthy, and strong with trustworthy ingredients is always in your best interest. Taking care of your skin and building a routine is also a great step in the prevention of various cancers, skin conditions, and aging. Of course, a perfect skincare routine won’t fix or avoid everything, but taking care of your skin is a great way to be a step ahead.
2. The Art of Self-Love. Taking a few minutes a day and doing something that is all about caring for yourself is healing and a wonderful example of self-love. No, rubbing lotion into your skin won’t heal every wound, but it is one simple step to take toward showing yourself love, compassion, and self-worth.
3. Natural Beauty. Of course, one of the biggest draws of a skincare routine is releasing your natural beauty. Having healthy, strong, and beautiful skin is a great way to bring out the beautiful features you already have. Taking care of your skin is a great way to avoid all the expensive revitalization of older, damaged skin.
Simplicity with Skin & Co.
Simplicity, that’s all we want in life, right? You should have that in your skin care routine as well. You can’t get more simple than our Skin & Co 3-in-1 Cleansing Balms. Whether you are getting ready for the day and want a dewy glow or your are crawling into bed and need a calming way to end the night- Skin & Co has the cleansing balm for you. The Skinny Cleansing Balms include your make-up remover, cleanser, and moisturizer. A simple, easy, and budget friendly way to kick-start your skincare journey.
But why stop at your face when your whole body can get the simple, moisturizing, and silky benefits of our Skin & Co Body Butters. Smell like lavender or rose after a nice relaxing bath and feel like a beautiful flower too! Healthy, beautiful, and radiant skin doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Get the natural Italian beauty right here at home with Skin & Co. have Sensitive Skin?
With Blush & Bloom

Having sensitive skin shouldn’t be a life-sentence to fragrance free gloop and bad breakouts. Our Blush & Bloom products were made specifically curated for people who have sensitive skin and still want to smell pretty. Made with natural ingredients that your skin agrees with- these products only last on the shelf for around a year but leave you feeling gorgeous even after the jar is gone.
Blush & Bloom’s Milk Bath and Bath Soak products are just what you need to sink into.
Relax, exfoliate, and detox with a Blush Milk Bath. The milk powder softens your skin while the Kaolin clay detoxifes!

Soothe, relax, and detox in a warm tub filled with Blush Bath Soak. A beautiful blend of Himalayan Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt and sprinkled with rose petals. Full of healing minerals, this blend is a must try! Blush is a soft citrus scented blend and one of our top selling scents!

The fun doesn’t end there, as we all need some aftercare as well. Blush Body Butter is made with skin loving oils and butters for deep hydration and velvety soft skin. This wonderful scent is a
soft citrus blend and is perfect after a nice bath.

The Secret Tip to Natural Beauty

If you have to choose one thing to do for your skin- it’s sunscreen. No, we don’t recommend you lather on thick, uncomfortable sunscreen every morning, but we do recommend trying to find products (specifically for your face) that has SPF protection. Not just in the summer, but year round, because the sun never sleeps, baby. The easiest application would be to find a simple moisturizer with SPF 30 or higher.
While we don’t currently carry moisturizers with SPF, we still want you to be legendary in your SPF protection- Lulu Bella still has something just for you. Our line of BITCHSTIX Chapstick's come in delicious smelling scents and you guessed it- SPF 30. Choose your favorites like
Pineapple Twist, Eucalyptus Mint, Black Cherry, and more here or in store!
Enjoy the sun with no stress about your lips being undressed.
At the end of the day, we just want YOU to take care or YOU! We hope you find the skincare that makes you and your skin happy. We hope to see you around here again soon! Thank you for reading!
Love, The Lulu Bella Team

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