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Believe it or not, school is right around the corner and that means back-to-school shopping! We wanted to help you pick out some unique outfits, accessories, and items to make your return to school fun and exciting this year!

Your back-to-school fit is what sets the tone for the year, so choose wisely. Luckily, with our graphic tees and sweatshirts, you don’t have to be uncomfortable to look stylish this year. Spice it up with some floral or parachute pants as part two to your look and you are sure to stand out in the best way possible! These are great options that are available online, but don’t be shy! Come in and shop around in-store to try on a lot of great options as well! 





Smelling good is essential at school, but smelling perfect is an option when you mix your own custom scent with Mixology fragrances for both the boys and the girls. No more axe body spray boys, it’s time to smell like a man. And, more just smelling like get to level up too this year!


The key to a good outfit are the clothes. But the key to a great outfit is the accessories. Whether you are a jewelry gal or a “wear a tie to school” type of guy- we have some amazing items to pick from. Adding that little something extra can go a long way for bringing that fit to a 10/10 to a 20/10.
*insert favorite choice of jewelry and ties!

Now, sometimes the practicalities of being a human can be boring…but they don’t have to be. Having a cute place to store your driver’s license, student ID, and some extra cash is easy with Thread Wallets! Getting a matching clip to attach to your school bag or belt loop is the obvious next step. Staying hydrated is equally as easy with a Swig Life water bottle. Come pick your favorites here in store!

For the Littles: 
Now, for the little guys, your first backpack and lunch box are memorable and you can pick from a very cute selection from our Jane Marie collections. Very cute and unique designs to choose from!

No matter who or what age you are, the most important thing to remember for your first day of school is that being yourself is most important. The friends and memories you make being your most authentic self are the ones that matter most! We all wish you a successful school year! 
XOXO- Lulu Bella Babes

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