Happy Father’s Day!

It’s June, it’s summer, and our schedules are filling up with lots of summertime activities...but don’t forget to mark down that important date that like’s to sneak up on us: Father’s Day (June 18, 2023). This is your reminder to get your father, your husband, or your father figure a thoughtful gift to celebrate all the important things they do for us all year round. We want to give you some ideas you can get here at the store and even some ones you can make at home.
Break Tradition
A flower. Now, before you freak out, yes you can give a man flowers. In fact, it’s a wonderful gift that most men don’t get until their funeral. That being said, you don’t have to get a giant bouquet or even get him one at all if he’s just not into that. But it is food for thought to maybe add a little love and beauty to their “manlier” of gifts.
Body & Skin Care Products. I know, this may be shocking information, but men have skin and bodies that need care and pampering every once in a while too. Now, you could go more “pamper” with some of our Mixture Man products (in-store) like their bubble bath or bath bombs. Or, you can go more “practical” with grooming products such as Mixture Man Shaving Gel, Mistral Bar Soap, or some awesome men’s fragrances by Mixologie.
A homemade card. This is a little more traditional, but they are definitely a bit more sentimental than typical gifts. Not only is it affordable, but it is entirely customizable, personal, and is truly a one-of-a-kind gift. You can draw out or stick on pictures of his favorite things, list out all the things you love about them, and say thank you in your own personal way for all the amazing things fathers do.
A tad more traditional...
(But still unique nonetheless)
Socks. A little boring? Maybe. But I don’t know a single man on this earth that isn’t constantly needing more socks. This is practical and can be a very unique gift if you stop by and get a pair of our Men’s Constellation Crew Socks. This is also an affordable gift that can be used over and over again and will be a constant reminder that you love him every time he wears them.
Kitchen Gear. Do you have a man that loves to be in the kitchen? Or outside near a grill? Or likes eating? Well, that’s good, we have some cute and a little silly kitchenware just for you. Get a “Grill Sergeant” platter, wonderful for the perfectly cooked (or burned, but we won’t tell him) hamburgers he is going to grill this summer. We also have some awesome sauce cups for mayo, ketchup, and mustard as well as some bigger guys for Guacamole and Salsa. You can also come in and take a look around, we have awesome prepared seasonings for dips and sauces, kitchen utensils, and lots of fun stuff for him to use in the kitchen! If he spends less time cooking and maybe more time drinking coffee, we have a mug that says “I’m just really into dads right now.” I would suggest this as more of a gift for your hubby than your father....but that can be up to you.
A new wallet. If you get a little scared every time he whips out his wallet because it is hanging on by a thread, it might be the perfect time to fix that. We have a very sleek and stylish wallet called Thread Wallets. They are minimalistic in design and they have options for any type of lifestyle.
No matter what you plan on giving to the fathers in your life, just let it be meaningful. Often we can get things for people without thinking much about what they would really want. The men in your life do a lot and they are unique and that’s how their gifts should be! We hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day celebration this year and we hope to see you here soon!

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