Pretty In Pink

In the year of the Barbie movie, why don’t we embrace feeling pretty in pink? Being a girly girl can often have a bad connotation. Being a tom girl is the same. Often many expectations come with being a woman that simply can’t be met. We cannot be everything and nothing at the same time. So, in honor of simply embracing what we like simply because we like it- if you love the color pink, but have been shy to wear it- here are some cute outfits to start!
Starting off strong with some beautiful dresses! We love nothing more than an outfit that is flattering, beautiful, and comfortable!
Casual Wear
Not every day is a dress-up day and that is why casual wear exists!
Lounge Wear
And at the end of the day-nothing is more comforting than a cute lounge set that serves looks while also serving relaxation!
Regardless if pink is the right color for you, we want to encourage you to embrace who you are without weighing yourself down with the expectations that come with the world we live in. While the Barbie movie was more oriented toward women- that message is for everyone. Being YOU exactly as you are and exactly as you want to be is and should be enough. If the outfits above don’t scream you, then we would love for you to come into the store and we will help you find the perfect outfit for your style! Thank you for joining the blog today- hope to see you all
-XOXO Lulu Bella Babes

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