Don't Sweat It! It's Summer!

1. It’s getting warmer every day. Idaho is officially ready to throw out our 2 seconds of Spring and bring on the Summer vibes.
2. Your body is SUPPOSED to sweat when the temperature rises. It’s your body’s way of making sure you don’t overheat.
3. The REAL problem with sweating is the smell that comes with it.
4. Most deodorants prevent you from sweating and therefore prevent B.O. because they are aluminum based.
5. What you really want is an aluminum-free deodorant that both lets you sweat to let your body do it’s natural thang...but stops your pits from having a nasty tang.
Ladies, yes and gentlemen, we have some fantastic aluminum-free deodorant to choose from and trust me- it works. It’s time to stop worrying about sweating and start having fun this summer with Lulu Bella’s selection of women’s and men’s deodorants.
Named by Men's Health as Editor's Choice, Oars + Alps line goes on clear and non-sticky, dries quickly and won't leave pit stains on your light shirts. Listen, ladies- I know this is marketed for men...but don’t be scared to try these unique and natural scents. If you are wanting try out Oar + Alps deodorant line, you can pick from the selection we have online and in store!
No matter what you put onto your pits this summer, we hope your warm days are filled with fun and happy memories and very little stench. Be safe and always remember to wear sunscreen! We hope to see you around soon!

XOXO- Lulu Bella Boutique

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