June’s Summer Bucket List

We have made it to June in the year 2023, the kids are out of school, the sun is shining...and you don’t know what to do. Have no fear, because the girls from Lulu Bella are here! It’s hard to get back in the groove of summer, so what better way than to start off with a bucket list of summer to-do’s to check off here in the Burley area?
5 Things to Kick Off the Summer
Get that summer fit. You just got done with the spring cleaning, you’ve have put away your winter clothes and as you stare into your closet...you have nothing to wear. But don’t worry, we have an amazing selection of summer fits for you. Whether you are looking for t-shirts, dresses, jumpers, or matching sets...we can help you find something just right for you and your summer activities!
Go on the river. Get a kayak or just a life jacket and cool off in the river this summer. If getting in the water isn’t your thing, have a fun picnic at the riverside locations with the family. Nothing is more refreshing than getting near the water on a hot day and we highly recommend!
Family movies at the Burley Theater. Starting June 7, they will be screening kid’s
movies every Wednesday, showtimes 10am, 12pm, and 2pm for $1 a seat. It’s a very family-friendly movie screening, little ones are expected to squirm and be noisy and so if you are missing the movies...but you have been avoiding them due to the little ones...here is your moment of glory.
Storybook Park. Gong to any park is a great family activity but especially Storybook Park here in Burley. It is such a cute park with a castle playground, swings, and just an overall fun theme to it. It’s also within walking distance of the local library...so why not check out a book and take it to...Storybook? If you are looking for a fun place to hang out with the family this summer- this should definitely be on the list!
Be the most hydrated you’ve ever been. Aw man, you thought you could escape the advice of drinking more water on a summer bucket list? Absolutely not. The most important thing to do this summer in order to go on many fun adventures is to stay hydrated. If you want, you can come into the store and we can help you spice up your water with cute Swig Life water bottles or Mixhers to flavor your water and have the added health benefits. Or you can just drink plain, good old-fashioned water. Either way, stay hydrated this summer!
Remember, no matter what you decided to kick your summer off with, be safe, have fun, and be sure to apply sunscreen! Thank you for joining us today and we hope to see you here and around the shop soon!
XOXO- Lulu Bella Babes

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