Mother's Day

Mom. All of us have one, most of us love one, and some of us are one. Mother’s Day is this Sunday. Everyday all around the world, mothers are working hard to keep their kids alive, happy, and loved and that in itself is the hardest job that exists. On average every mother, for every child will carry them in their belly for 280 days, change 7,300 diapers before they turn 2, and make 2,340 bottles in the first year. They juggle everything from tucking you into bed to making sure
you make it on time to your graduation.In celebration of all the hard work of the mothers in our lives- here are five meaningful gift ideas to give in 2023.

1. Make her favorite breakfast. For years, she’s woken up before you to get your breakfast before you rush off to school and now it’s your turn to invite her over for a homemade meal. Remember that the best gifts don’t have to be the most expensive ones. The most valuable ones come from the heart and just take a little time to show you how much you care. Now, you know your mom best- but if  you are struggling to figure out what to make, here’s our suggestion.

French Toast

Step 1: Make some yummy homemade bread. With our Classic Bread Mix from
Soberdough, it couldn’t be easier to make a delicious homemade bread that is dairy, nut, and soy free and smells like home.
Step 2: Toast is great...but french toast is better. Here are the basics you’ll need. Eggs, milk, cinnamon, and vanilla. Measurements will depend on how many people you will be feeding- but don’t worry- you don’t have to do it on your own because McCormick has a simple French Toast Recipe you can follow.
Step 3: Customize with your momma’s favorite toppings. Fruit like strawberries,
blueberries, or raspberries, maple syrup, or maybe a little whipped cream? Or really, who is stopping you from putting it all on there?
Step 4: Stop stalling and hand over the breakfast. It’s a lot more fun to eat breakfast than to talk about it.

2. Diffuser or Candles. Stinky kids can lead to stinky homes. What better way to gift your momma a break from smelling old football socks and dirty diapers than giving her something that smells nice. We have a lot of amazing options in our Candles & Home Fragrance tab on our website as well as in store. We are always sure to get quality products that not only smell great, but are great. Soy based candles, natural and chemical free fragrances, and none of those nasty parabens in the air.
3. A Relaxing Night. Give her all the goodies to have a nice relaxing night...alone. Bath bombs, a face mask, (maybe some wine). Our Blush& Bloom bath products are always a great go to. All of their products were made for sensitive skin and still smell amazing with all their natural ingredients. Or- it might just be letting her take a nap. Either way- a little bit of pampering never hurt.
4. A cute dress. I know it can be a little intimidating to shop for clothes...especially for someone else. Luckily for you- we are professionals at helping you get the right fit for a gift. Our girls can help you find the right style, fit, price for the perfect dress. If the mom in your life is still in the “tiny humans” stage of parenting...they probably haven’t had time to get a nice outfit for themselves...reminding them they are beautiful and young with a brand new dress might just be the perfect gift. Shop our beautiful dresses HERE, they're also 20% off for this exact occasion until 5/13/2023!!
5. Listen to what they want. No gift is one size fits all. The best way to get your mom or the mom in your life the perfect gift is to stop and listen. Maybe they always comment on the cute cups at the store or have been meaning to do a project they are always too tired to do. They might be really into collecting pine cones or they are just getting into painting. Even if the gift might not make it onto the big lists of Mother’s Day Gift Ideas- it might just be the most meaningful one you can give. The gift of being heard is one that can’t be replaced.

No matter what you get your mother or maybe even yourself for Mother’s Day- remember that this is a day to remind the mothers in your life how valuable and irreplaceable they are. Being a mother is often a very underappreciated job, so be sure to at the very least give your thanks and a big hug. Be sure to check out our Mother’s Day Sale!

We hope to see you around here on the blog and in the shop. Happy Mother’s Day.
XOXO- Lulu Bella Babes

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